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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Being a Judge for a cooking contest

Its me Mrs. Lavanya Sivavijayakumar. It has always been a very exciting time since i started this blog. Your encouragment and hits to my site really made me so happy, and made me to purchase my own domin name. With the new domine name as http://www.spice-india.com/, the site also got a new look and feel from 14th April 2009. Hope you all like this new looks and feel of your http://www.spice-india.com/.
With all these news, i would like share another good news, which really made me much more excited.
Yes...........here is the news.........
I am asked to be a judge for a cooking contest held at naarisakhi. My co-judges were Rinku Bhattacharya who teaches Indian Cooking out of her homebased cooking school in Westchester County, NY. and Medini Pradhan creator of CuisineCuisine food page.
The contest is for the members of the site. The main ingredient is Spinach/Palak. There are totally eight participants ( Malpie, Niti sharma, Sunkan, Pannu, Shailunaipal,Anand Chitra, Dr Jyothi Gupta and Tulsi).
The results are to be announced by the end of this month...........
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the participants taking part in the cooking contest.......( All the very best.....).
Soon, will let you know the winner................cheersssss
Hi, here are the results :
Winners were selected based on points received from Judges.
Winners are
Desi Spice tarts - By Sundari Kannan
Spinach Cauliflower Duet by Malspie
Congratulations Dear Sunkan and Mals.